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How to Do Jennifer Lopez’s Skincare Routine

In case you missed it, Jennifer Lopez recently turned 50 (I repeat, 50!) and yet her skin looks like this—not a day over 35.

“People always ask about my skin,” she admitted on Today. “I have to say, I have good genes. My mom and my grandma had beautiful skin, so I was blessed in that way. I haven’t had any plastic surgery… or injectables or fillers or anything like that.”

But she does take care of her skin, and with a simpler routine than you’d think.

“Honestly, my routine hasn’t really changed [from when I was in my 20s and 30s],” she told InStyle. “It has always been about maintenance.”

That means she eschews trendy anti-aging products in favour of basic cleansing, moisturizing and sun protection. And lifestyle plays a big role, too. “I try to get my sleep. I don’t smoke. I don’t drink.”


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