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Lancôme Reenergize Multi-Glow Rosy Skin Tone Reviving Cream


Instead of testing out Lancome’s new Renergie Multi-Glow on a member of the Skincare.com team, we turned to a woman the product was more suited for, our Editor in Chief’s mother, Helen. Read her review of this rosy skin tone reviving cream that was tailor-made for women over 60 years old!

When your daughter’s a beauty editor, a huge perk is getting to steal freebies from her sample collection. But while I appreciate getting to raid Jackie’s beauty closet, there was very rarely a skin care product she had that I felt was made for my skin and skin care concerns—until now. Lancome’s new Renergie Multi-Glow was, as its label describes, tailor-made for women over 60 years old—which, for those reading, I am.

Getting older, one of the first things I noticed about my skin—aside from those wrinkles around my eyes!—was a loss of radiance. When I was younger, a dull skin tone was the least of my concerns but now that I’m in my 60s, it’s officially at the top of my list of things I wish I could change. It’s not that I want to look younger than I am, I’m from Europe where I think women are more inclined to embrace their age and growing older instead of fighting it. But, I do want to still have that radiance and that glow that I’ve always loved about my skin.

As a longtime user of Lancome’s Renergie collection—I’ve been purchasing the moisturizer for years—I was excited to try out their newest product, Multi-Glow, to share my thoughts (and these makeup-free before and after photos) with the Skincare.com readers after receiving a complimentary sample.


The daytime moisturizing cream is a rosy skin tone reviving cream that helps with radiance, plumpness, and lifting. Its formula is infused with Schizandra red berry extract and linen extract.


The pink-hued cream has a floral scent that isn’t overpowering but is definitely noticeable. For those that prefer unscented skin care products, this isn’t for you. But, for women like me who like to have a sensorial experience when applying skin care, you’ll love it! It lingers ever-so-slightly after application.


The cream has a rich texture that melts onto the skin. It’s not too thick that it feels heavy, but its definitely luxurious and creamy. I have combination skin, my nose tends to get a little oily during the day, but my cheeks feel dry, so I appreciated how much this product moisturized my skin, without leaving it feeling greasy.


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