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How many types of skin conditions?

Skin condition

There are different types of skin condition. Skin varies from person to person. Let’s not know how many types of skin.

There are usually many types of skin.

  1. Normal skin
  2. Oily skin
  3. Dry skin
  4. Mixed skin
  5. Sensitive skin

Normal skin

Normal-skin is velvety, with no acne and even in color. This kind of skin condition is God-given blessing to the possessors of this skin. It’s also called endemic means that well balanced. The skin is not very dry and oily due to moisture. However, with age, the dryness begins to increase.

Oily skin

Excessive secretion of sebum is the main cause of oily skin. This skin condition create problem is more common during puberty and menstruation in women. Acne and allergies are more common on the skin. Increases oiliness of nose, forehead, chin and cheeks. This problem is exacerbated by allergies, due to the opening of the skin follicles. However, oily skin is less prone to wrinkles.

Dry skin

Dry skin condition occurs in those who secrete less sebum from the sebaceous glands. This skin is very sensitive. This is the pores of the skin. Does not open and the skin lacks radiance. This type of skin wrinkles soon after, darkening around the eyes and face. Excessive cold, excessive heat, increased dryness in temperature-controlled environment.

Mixed skin

This types of skin carries all skin condition like normal, oily, dry. This type of skin is a bit strange. So you have to be careful about skin. Its changes depending on seasons.

Sensitive Skin

If you use any product and skin reacts on it or you eat spicy food also reacts on it This types of skin condition called sensitive skin. Some parts are oily and some parts are dry. Skin feels dry and tight, become oily in summers and gets dry in winters. Its become red after a hot water bath in sensitive skin.


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How many types of skin conditions?

There are different types of skin condition. Skin varies from person to person. Let's not know how many types of skin. There are usually many...

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