Home Makeup How can you apply Base Makeup?

How can you apply Base Makeup?

There are any way you can do Base Makeup. But perfect way is always perfect. Let’s discuss

Use concealer

For Base Makeup Powder is an important step in completing the foundation as it will set the foundation and complete the look. Set the foundation with loose powder. Buy a large powder brush to use. If you use powder on it, the foundation will last longer. Use translucent powder. This will control the shine and give a matte finish to your face. It’s not designed to add color, it’s to set your makeup. Make sure you are oily with the oil on your face. Do this first, especially in the T-zone. Then dust off the rest of the powder on your face.

Apply foundation

Now that you have basic makeup, you should apply blush or bronzer to highlight the cheeks. Apply bronzer to your face, neck and chest. This will even out your skin tone. Make sure you are using a brush and make sure the bronzer is blended. Make Base makeup strong Smile before applying the blush. Then start by applying the blush to the apple of the cheek. Blend it back towards the top of the ear, then sweep it down towards the jaw. Stir it so that it does not look too raw.

Try a foundation stick

Contouring is a trick that many movie stars use to change the shape of their faces. The first step in contouring is to create a solid foundation using the previous steps. Then pull the cheeks and brush the bronze powder on the hollow of the cheeks. Now take the lightest cream. Put it on top of the bronzer. Make sure you mix the cream. Use stick coins. With a darker one, trace your temples and bring it up to your hair. To make your cheeks stand out, apply the pigment just above the cheeks. For the nose, you can apply the stick on both sides, narrower at the top or bring it to the forehead. Take a sponge and blend.

Apply powder or compact foundation

This is extremely important. Before applying basic makeup, we recommend that you start with a new palette. Don’t forget to wash your hands and face. Use a cleanser so you don’t treat your face with harsh chemicals or soaps. Removing makeup or wipes can do a good job. After cleaning your face and hands, apply a moisturizer on your face and make sure you have SPF! Wearing a daily SPF is the best way to ensure your skin is protected and looking great.

Finish the look with powder

By exfoliating your face, you will remove dry skin. This tones your skin and makes it healthier and more radiant. After cleaning your face with your regular cleanser, you are ready to exfoliate it. You should do this process twice a week. Mix three tablespoons of white sugar with one tablespoon of water for the home technique (you can also purchase an exfoliating scrub in the store.  Apply some paste on a wash cloth and rub it gently on your face with small circular motions. Then rinse.

Apply a primer to your face

Primer is a great way to prep your skin and make it look more chin and supportive. You can find it at many department store makeup counters. Think of the primer as a much lighter foundation. You shouldn’t be able to tell it exists. It provides the foundation for the rest of the makeup and will make it last longer and less likely to drool. Make sure you apply it evenly all over your face, including under the eyes. Don’t choose a primer that is significantly darker than your skin. You can buy primers for different skin types, including oily, dry and combination skin. When choosing your primer color, keep in mind that different colors correct different problems. Yellow and green based primers are designed to stop redness. Rose-based primers feed on dull skin. Peach and salmon primers are good if you have darker spots or circles under your eyes.


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How can you apply Base Makeup?

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